Love ya, Amazon

Easily my 2 favorite companies right now are Google and Amazon. Google seems to get smarter by the day…have you seen the new Google Docs stuff they got goin on? It’s crazappy! And then there’s android (you’re soaking in it, since I’m writing this on my droid). And Amazon just seems to have most of the stuff I need, er, want right now (what can’t you buy on Amazon?). I think we got half of our Christmas on Amazon this year, and I get all my mp3 downloads from them now. But what happened yesterday just blew my mind.

I got my wife a kindle for Christmas…you know, Amazon’s cool, eBook eReader…the one with the display that looks like real paper & ink…the one that can hold something like 1500-2000 digital books…the one that lets you hook up with Amazon’s amazing bookstore, click a button, and download a book in seconds, all without a network anywhere nearby? Well, she loves it and has been kindling away for almost 7 months now. But then, a couple of weeks ago, tragedy…her screen froze on a nasty looking image of one of kindle’s screensavers, with horizontal lines covering a good portion of the screen.

Being the typical tech support rep that I am, I did some investigating and found out that this problem has been occurring with other kindle users for several months now. I told her we’d have to call Amazon and hope they honored their warranty. And being the typical husband that I am, I waited for over a week before I got around to it.

To tell you the truth, I was dreading the conversation I would have to have with a support rep, probably some dude from India who’s way smarter than me but has just enough of a language barrier to turn a 2 minute conversation into 10. So I sent an email from their “Kindle support” page first, and thought I might get lucky and get back an email with detailed instructions…no such luck. Instead I got back an email that essentially said “sorry you’re having trouble with your Kindle…please give us a call…” Crap.

Ok, here we go…gotta call ‘em after all. Luckily I noticed the details in the email that suggested I could initiate the call from the support page, and they would call me back. Really? That’s different…so I gave it a try. Wow…what a support experience. I entered my home number, and about 2 seconds after I clicked submit, my phone rang. An automated message told me there was currently a wait time of less than a minute, and about 30 seconds later a guy came on live…his name, Mike…his accent, American…his help, perfect. They ended up overnighting a new Kindle, and told me I could ship the dead one back (for free) in the same box. She even had access to all the old books she had on her old one, so she’s back in business, less than 24 hours after I contacted Amazon…now that’s customer service.

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