Scared by the Nav-Hag

So far I love almost everything about my new droid phone, and I’ve already written about my shock and awe over the Google-assisted navigation capabilities. But I have 2 rather humorous asides about that nav piece, or maybe about our tendency to tire of the things we once loved and our ability to turn the formerly miraculous into the increasingly mundane.

I was heading into Indy to go to a credit union I don’t typically use, and even though I’ve been there before, I looked it up on the droid and asked it to navigate me there. This was partly because it will estimate the driving time and I was on a tight schedule…ok, it was also because I still love to say things like “navigate to the credit union on West 56th street in Indianapolis, Indiana” and watch it do its thing. Yeah…still cool.

Anyway, I fired up the droid navigation thingy and got on my way. Well, about 10 minutes down I65, I was deep in thought and completely lost in my little mobile world when some awful-sounding woman, who seemed to be virtually sitting in my lap, shouted at me, “IN ONE AND ONE HALF MILES TAKE EXIT ONE TWENTY FOUR…” I nearly jumped off the seat, and it took me a second to realize it was the female synthesized navigation voice coming from my droid, which was literally sitting in my lap. I have to tell you, it really scared the crap out of me. Then I laughed at myself…I’d been scared by the voice I now refer to as the Nav-Hag.

I promised myself I wouldn’t let her scare me like that again, so I intentionally left the navigation on even as I got closer and closer to my destination, well past the point where I needed it anymore, just so I could get used to it. And as I got closer, and it kept telling me things I already knew (I even found myself talking to it irately…”yes, I know I need to turn right on Lafayette Rd! You think I didn’t know that!?! Shut up already!”), I came up with another name for it. I called it my Nagivator.

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