Is that a computer in your pocket?

My wife was good to me this Christmas…never mind whether I was a good boy and deserved it. She got me a droid, and I must say I’m impressed and overjoyed. I had put off getting a “smart” phone because I thought all of them looked, well, not quite smart enough. Mobile web access is handy in a pinch, I told myself, but it all looks so restrictive. How in the web wide world could I possibly be productive without my Firefox and OpenOffice and Inkscape and what-not?

Well…let me tell you, Google has just about figured that all out. I’m not saying they put all that stuff on a phone, but they’ve put together an incredibly useful and rich mobile OS and toolset. And Motorola has partnered that environment with a downright sexy phone. I’ve always liked Motorola phones and this one doesn’t disappoint. It feels solid and substantial. The keyboard is small but functional (I’m typing on it!). The screen is bright and beautiful. And the phone sound quality, signal, etc are all fine. But what makes the Droid a truly exceptional device is Google’s Android OS. Wow…Google just gets it. And now, thanks to my wife, I get it too.

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