Hold the power…pump up the bandwidth

As netbooks, tablets, and smart phones mature and begin to establish themselves in more and more households, offices, and pockets, I’m beginning to formulate a vision. While just a few years back what we all thought we needed was beefier PCs (more CPU, more RAM, more storage, more graphics), I think our power requirements are levelling off. I think what we need is more bandwidth…put simply, we need to move more stuff to and from the net than ever before, and I think that need will continue to rise.

I wrote earlier about Google’s vision of a cloud-based, device-neutral future with the emergence of their Android and Chrome OSes. I think those pieces of the puzzle will continue to mature, but it will never work until we have usable speed on devices running those OSes, and the usability of that speed will depend on connectivity more than productity or scalability.

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