Have I found my new favorite CMS?

I’ve used TONS of content management systems (CMS) over the last several years. There are usually things I really like and things I really don’t like about each of them. Until now, the one that I’d pretty much standardized on was ModX. I found it was harder to setup a site that had blog, community, forum, etc features than some of the ones geared specifically for that, but I think it’s great for setting up an info-only or store-front style site. It really gives you great flexibility in setting up such a static site.

But, when I started to use it to setup a site for my church, I found it was just unnecessarily difficult to add some of the features I thought we wanted (blog/news, discussion forums, media gallery, etc). I also decided it was just a bit too quirky and difficult for a non-technical user to go in and create content. I really hate the WYSIWYG HTML editor they include by default (tinyMCE) and hate that I have to manually install one I actually like (FCKeditor, for example).

So, I started looking around for a new CMS…I quickly landed on glFusion, and while there are still some things that I think need some work, I think it just might be the best compromise of features I want, ease of use, and expandability. I’m still learning some things, and I’m trying to work with some features I don’t like (the way they do themes/templates seems really odd to me), but I think it’s very usable.

Only time will tell, but I’m hopeful this will become the standard CMS for all my sites.

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