all in a name = inane llama = animal lane = La Alien Man = ???

Does anyone else find it strange that a writer named Ina Fried is writing about a guy named Ian Freed?  No, there’s no other obvious connection besides their strangely, nearly anagrammatical names (Ina Fried is a writer for CNet, while Ian Freed is Vice President of Amazon) but still, Ina Fried…Ian Freed?  Wow.  Add to that the fact that Ina used to be an “Ian” herself…strange, indeed.

All that aside, the new Kindle 2 from Amazon does look cool.  I still think I’ll hang on to my old hard-backs, but these devices could start to get really interesting in another generation or 2.

Oh yeah, one more thing…any coincidence that Ian Freed’s name can be anagrammatized as “Read Fine?”

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