Happy Anniversaries

A friend of mine told me yesterday that it was his 10th wedding anniversary and his 2nd anniversary of being a dad. 2 years ago yesterday, he and his wife went to China and adopted a beautiful little girl, and while they don’t necessarily celebrate that date as her birthday, he thinks of it as a special day for him (with good reason). I made a little word-joke out of it and told him happy anniversaries.

That made me wonder why we fathers and mothers don’t celebrate the day of a child’s birth as more than just their birthday, but also as a special kind of Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. For me, the “official” Father’s Day is just a Sunday in June, and I might get some special treatment from the kids and (maybe) the wife. But having one generic “Father’s Day” for all of us kind of robs it of any special meaning. None of my boys were born on that Sunday…my Father’s Days fall in December and March and October.

From now on, I’ll be celebrating their birthdays with a special prayer of thanks for making those days my Father’s Days as well.

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